Covers that Dare to Be Different

Dare to be Different CoversGetting a little obsessed with book covers, it’s time to admire some covers that dare to be different. Covers that break with the norm of mass-market, genre design. Covers that aren’t scared to be that little bit different.

Expelled from Hell coverLike Jodi Layne’s Expelled from Hell. This is a cover that strips it right back to title, author and a fiery vision of hell itself. The typography is a simple and understated serif font that draws the eye into the hellish inferno at the centre.

Archibald Lox coverBetween Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, you’d think the child-wizard market was saturated. So here, Darren Shan pitches Archibold Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds with a very different half-silouette character shot over a cityscape with some magical swirly lines. It’s a bit more grown-up for the mature wizarding reader and stands apart from the usual illustration of character action and mythical creatures.

The Queen of Heaven's DaughterMary Trepanier’s The Queen of Heaven’s Daughter goes for a highly stylised mythical character painting that really draws the eye with it’s striking colour palette. The elegant typography is clear even on tiny cover thumbnails.

Manufactured Witches coverMichelle Rene’s Manufatured Witches goes a totally different way with a quirky, dust-bowl, prairie homestead under it’s own rain cloud, surrounded by parched earth. The readable Old Western typeface with decorative swirls completes the theme. It’s a cover that tells you exactly what the genre and setting are without any cover clichés.

The Unseen Wings coverThis last cover was an accidental find; not fantasy, not even fiction. Bipin Kuriakose’s The Unseen Wings is a collection of poems. Dark, dramatic, subtle, mysterious, intriguing. It’s amazing what a little abstract design can do. The lightweight typography proves you don’t have to use chunky, extra-extra-bold fonts all the time to be readable. It’s so good you could hang it on the wall as a cool, minimalist piece of art.

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