Factors Influencing E-book Purchases (Nielsen)

Factors Influencing E-book Purchases: Nielsen Books & Consumers survey August 2020Factors influencing E-book purchases are revealed in Nielsen Books & Consumers: a monthly survey of around 3,000 book buyers aged 13-84 that are nationally representative of the UK population.

Although lockdown has started to ease and book shops are reopening, many readers have switched to digital formats. The latest survey results indicate the influences driving book selection for e-books and audio books.

According to Nielsen, the factors influencing e-book purchases are:

  • 33% author
  • 27% subject
  • 23% blurb

By asking buyers about the specific books that they’ve bought, Nielsen attempts to profile UK book-buyers by format, genre, author and sometimes title, allowing unique and focused insight into who is buying bestsellers and key genres, and how that changes year-on-year.

Each year Nielsen carries out specific studies to explore pressing topics inherent to book markets. These larger syndicated deep dive studies include the Children’s and YA Book Consumer,  the UK Audiobook Consumer and the UK E-Book Consumer. The full reports are in Nielsen’s commercial portfolio.

Image and data source: Nielsen Books & Consumers, August 2020.