Foreword, Sports Fencing: An Introduction – Robin Catling

Image: Sports Fencing Introduction coverFrom Pirates of the Caribbean, to Star Wars and even Transformers, it seems every other movie poster features a character with a sword; there’s been a slew of TV and online ads featuring Olympic fencers in action, while TV shows such as Arrow and The Musketeers keep the skill and the romance of the sword alive. It’s no wonder even the smallest children want to give it a try.

Fencing is a fast, exciting and athletic sport, often called “physical chess”, good for keeping both body and mind fit! The unusual nature of fencing as an individual skill often holds a child’s interest much better than more mainstream sports, especially if they are not into bat-and-ball team games, lack confidence in those sports or have an individualist streak.

While we always try to stress the sporting side of things there’s no denying that the fantasy element is one of the main hooks of fencing. Who doesn’t want to be Rei, Luke Skywalker or Prince Caspian? The Princess Bride still packs the sofa on a Sunday afternoon after 25 years.

Fencing is all that; history, romance, adventure and a hint of danger, all wrapped up in a modern martial art using that iconic weapon, the sword.

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