Foreword: The Newcomers’ Guide to Competition Fencing

Newcomers' Guide to Competition coverPerhaps you’ve just entered your first fencing competition, or you’re thinking of entering. Perhaps you’re going a competition as a parent or as a partner of a fencer. Perhaps you’re about to tag along with a friend who fences, or with your club team as a newbie to see what goes on.

You get there – and it looks like mayhem.

Lots of people in and out of fencing kit milling around in what looks like chaos – only it can’t be, because an hour later there’s a hall full of fencers grouped together on multiple fencing strips, getting on with the competition.

But you still don’t know what’s going on.

You may have been fencing for weeks or even months in a club, but this competition thing is half way between a secret society and black magic.

But herein lies the key; understanding the requirements, formats, rules, etiquette and the all-important technical language. All you need to take your first steps into competitive fencing without looking like a wide-eyed novice.

Go get ‘em, tiger.

The full text of The Newcomers’ Guide to Competition Fencing by Robin Catling will be available soon from our online shop.