Foreword: The VirtualBox Networking Primer

VirtualBox Networking Primer cover[From The VirtualBox Networking Primer: Connecting and Configuring Virtual Machines]

It all started when I needed to run a test instance of the WordPress content management software. It was 2011 and I was making my way as a freelance in IT.

Back then I regularly had several web development projects on the go and not a lot of server space. I wanted to snap-shot machine states that I could roll back while I played with server configurations and site versions. I was also working on the move. Wi-Fi was scarce and reception poor.

The answer was Oracle VM VirtualBox, which allowed me to use my laptop as a Host and create multiple Guest virtual machines. No extra hardware required, it all resides in software.

The real power of VirtualBox comes when you start connecting virtual machines together and to the outside world. What I needed back then was a simple primer on VirtualBox networking.

Except there wasn’t one. There was a lot of technical documentation and heaps of online articles covering very thin slices of VirtualBox by various authors.

So I wrote down what I did to make things work and posted it on my technology blog:

As of 2020, that series of VirtualBox articles remains by far the most popular material on my site, despite that fact that I have never updated them.

Here is that update.

Be productive. Have fun.

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