Introduction: The Art of Foil Fencing – Roy Stocks

Image: FoilistModern fencing has evolved through the centuries from a clumsy, often brutally bloodthirsty form of combat. The heavy weapons were used to bludgeon the opponent as much to hack and stab. From its earliest refinements, fencing masters have strived to apply the science of movement and technique to weapons largely made redundant with the discovery of another weapon of war, gunpowder.

The three weapons that make up the arsenal of the modern fencer are the product of generations of these fencing masters. Today’s British school of fencing owes much of its influence to the schools of French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Hungarian methods.

Of the three weapons of the modern sport, foil, epee and sabre, this book is devoted to the foil. It is not designed to take the place of the instructor, fencing cannot be learnt from a book. This is a reference work, as well as a dictionary for the strange words (mostly old French) that make up the alphabet of our sport.

As far as possible the book has been written to compliment the official British Fencing Achievement Awards. This will afford a double advantage to those seeking a thorough grounding in the basics and a reference for award students.

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