July US print sales up 15%

Corpse Reviver / CC BY-SA (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/After rising print sales in June, the monthly figures from NPD showed July US print sales up 15% – but the headline number doesn’t mean a bonanza for everyone.

As expected in the current pandemic, a few categories showed bumper growth: Juvenile non-fiction up 27.4% on YTD, 40.0% up on weekly; Young Adult Non-fiction up 35% YTD and 56.9% on weekly. You can attribute this to the shelter-in-place families buying educational material while schools are shut.

Y-A fiction is up 7.8% YTD, 18.1% weekly, Juvenile fiction similarly 8.2% YTD and 11% weekly. Unsurprisingly, they’ve got more time to read a book 7while stuck at home.

Adult non-fiction increased 18.9% weekly, as adults also found themselves with more time on their hands, but this is 0.7% down on last year. Political books featured heavily. Adult fiction rose only 4% weekly, a modest 3.2% up for the year overall, with a few rising stars doing well in the quiet time for launches. The usual summer launch programme and mass market paperback sales took a hammering as events were cancelled, launches put back and nobody bought beach books at airports.

Source: Publishers Weekly / NPD Aug 07, 2020
Image credit: Interior of bookstore in Japan</a> by Corpse Reviver / CC BY-SA  on Wikimedia Commons.