The Essential Short Guide to Micro-sites, Mini-sites and Weblets [E-book]


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The Essential Short Guide to Micro-sites, Mini-sites and Weblets

Building Small on the Internet

Robin Catling

Online product launches, events and campaigns often direct away from a company or organisation’s main website to a micro-site. This is a small number of web pages, perhaps just one landing page, dedicated to that highly focused message, content and audience. Welcome to the world of micro-sites, mini-sites and weblets.

Illustrated with real-world examples, this short guide walks through when and why you might want to build small on the Internet, along with how to plan and deliver a small, tightly-targeted slice of the Worldwide Web.

Outlining benefits and pitfalls extends to some of the technical choices, this Essential Short Guide from Proactivity Press explains it.

For around an hour or less reading time, this Essential Short Guide takes you through the basic concepts and terms to enable you to continue your learning with confidence.

Sourced from the author’s own experience and research over some thirty years in business and IT, this is a practical, no-nonsense guide for those who don’t always have time for a full-length instructional.