The Essential Short Guide to GDPR [E-book]


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The Essential Short Guide to GDPR

Understanding the General Data Protection Regulation

Robin Catling

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may have been with us since 2018, but a lot has happened since then. This Guide updates the original material to consider the United Kingdom leaving the European Union (“Brexit”) and the impact on international data transfers of this and other new data privacy laws.

At its core, the GDPR is about key concepts of individual’s data privacy and clear, opt-in consent to the use of any electronically stored personal data by organisations – just what this Essential Short Guide from Proactivity Press explains in simple terms.

For around an hour or less reading time, this Essential Short Guide takes you through the basic concepts and terms to enable you to continue your learning with confidence.

Sourced from the author’s own experience and research over some thirty years in business and IT, this is a practical, no-nonsense guide for those who don’t always have time for a full-length instructional.