The Essential Short Guide to PRINCE2® [E-book]


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The Essential Short Guide to PRINCE2®

Introducing PRojects IN Controlled Environments

Robin Catling

PRINCE2® is an internationally recognised, best-practice project management framework used by both the public and private sectors. While the official 413-page manual describes the whole framework in depth for practitioners, this Essential Short Guide from Proactivity Press aims to ease newcomers gently into the PRINCE2® method.

Introducing the PRINCE2® model of project variables, themes, principles and processes. This guide illustrates with real-world examples, highlighting the importance of embedding PRINCE2® into the culture of organisations.

Ideal for those new to project-based working, this guide describes the roles and responsibilities within a PRINCE2® environment. Along with the check points and gates, PRINCE2® provides a robust way to ensure successful project delivery.

For around an hour or less reading time, this Essential Short Guide takes you through the basic concepts and terms, enabling you to continue your learning with confidence.

Sourced from the author’s own experience and research over some thirty years in business and IT, this is a practical, no-nonsense guide for those who don’t always have time for a full-length instructional.