Spot-On Genre Book Covers

Spot-on genre covers Whether it’s on the shelves of a physical bookshop, or the thumbnail galleries, readers want to know at a glance what type of book is in front of them; that means designing spot-on genre book covers.

While literary fiction seems able to do whatever the heck it likes in a broad, experimental and forgiving market, genre fiction can’t. Getting a book noticed is as much about fitting in as standing out. Which is precisely what this selection of covers does in spades. The tag-line and series title may help, but they’re not essential. Potential readers need to see a title, author name and a professionally produced image that screams ‘I am a book in this genre.’

Moon Dance coverJ.R. Rain’s Moon Dance and the rest of its series hits the dark and moody vampire niche without diminishing the typography.

Palm Beach Nasty coverTom Turner’s Palm Beach Nasty couldn’t be more LA-noir if it tried, from the sunset to the mansion and that fantastic art-deco typeface.

Star Cat coverAndrew Mackay’s Star Cat may be a little on the nose, but it’s glorious.

The Awakening CoverMeanwhile Andreas Suchaner’s The Awakening is fabulously and unapologetically pointing its wand at Harry Potter with an added dash of Games Workshop, Dungeons and Dragons framing that declares arcane adventure.

Magical New Beginnings coverAs does Brenda Trim’s Magical New Beginnings from a totally different direction. Glowing talismans, faerie wings and magical swirls, perfectly matched to the type face.

Inhuman Pressure coverLastly, Richard Rimington’s Inhuman Pressure has a classic, grand, sci-fi space opera feel that could have be painted anytime since the late 1970’s and is the epitome of the genre.

This is how spot-on genre book covers work; you can identify any of these books without even reading the titles. Clear, attractive, you instantly know what kind of book you’re getting. Covers worth their weight in gold.