The Self-publishing Revolution

Image: letterpress typeThe last two decades have seen huge changes in the publishing industries – the consolidation of publishers and agents, the advent of cost-effective digital printing for small runs, and the rise of the Internet as a discovery and distribution platform. It’s an industry my father would barely recognise from his time in publishing during the 1970’s. …

The First Draft

Image: Longhand pagesThere are many ways to start writing a book, both fiction and non-fiction. Without a first draft, you don’t have a book, just an idea. But a completed first draft is just that – a beginning and not an end.

Whether you sit down and start at the beginning and just write down whatever comes from your stream of consciousness, or you carefully plan and outline the whole thing from beginning to end, whatever gets you started has value. …

Get Writing tips – the daily discipline

Image: writer's writing padThe BBC used to have an educational site called Get Writing, no longer live but some of the content migrated into BBC Writers’ Room.

Get Writing was a fantastic resource for aspiring writers and would regularly post tips, exercises and how-to’s from renowned authors. One of these concerned the discipline of writing regularly.

Editing tips

Image: writers' editsEveryone teaches Creative Writing these days, but it often looks like no one teaches Precise Editing. We’re all led to believe that creative writing flows effortlessly from our finger tips in an unbroken stream of consciousness. It doesn’t. Good writing is hard work; good, finished writing is down to good, solid editing.

Few texts can fail to be improved by several rounds of re-reading and re-editing, cutting and honing until the best possible version is achieved.

And how do you edit, exactly? Here’s a basic tool set. …

Our rules for social networking

Image: Social Media iconsSomewhere between John Perry Barlow’s poetic and wildly optimistic A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” and the recent suicides of several teens bullied on Facebook and Instagram, the Internet became a brutal and seemingly unforgiving space.

We decided to document our own (short) set of rules for social media. Apologies if this reads like Baz Luhrman’s self-help record Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) … …


Image: Watch fountain pen and old book pageWelcome to Proactivity Press.

Our new website is now live with our existing titles in print and some upcoming publications available to back order.

Our online shop is also live integrated with a secure PayPal checkout, so you can buy titles direct from us. …