The Newcomers’ Guide to Competition Fencing [UPCOMING]

Newcomer's Guide to Competition FencingRobin Catling

In the highly technical Olympic sport of fencing, stepping up from the club to competition can seem a daunting, baffling prospect – but no longer.

This newcomers’ guide sets out the requirements, formats, rules, etiquette and the all-important technical language. All you need to take your first steps into competition without looking like a wide-eyed novice.

Ideal for the club fencer, parents of fencers or partners of fencers, the Newcomers’ Guide is based on thirty years experience from a competitor and coach.


Image: The HEMA Heresy book coverReconstructing Historical European Martial Arts

Robin Catling

From Medieval longsword to military sabre, the applied study of Western fighting systems, long supplanted by firearms, is more like combat archaeology.

And while the ‘HEMA’ community tries to keep it real, instructor and author Robin Catling outlines why the mindset of the modern martial artist will always compromise the art…

Sport Fencing: An Introduction [UPCOMING]

Image: Sports Fencing An Introduction, coverRobin Catling

With every action game, movie and TV show featuring a character with a sword on the poster, the iconic status of the weapon continues to grow. Olympic-style sport fencing offers a safe entry to one of the fastest and most demanding of combat sports for all ages and abilities.

Fencing coach Robin Catling provides a whistle-stop tour of sports fencing for the uninitiated, de-mystifying the weapons, the rules and the history of the martial art for the twenty-first century.


Winning at Epée [UPCOMING]

Winning at Epee coverTechniques for the shorter fencer

Robin Catling

In the modern sport of fencing, where the taller fencer notionally has the advantage of reach, the shorter fencer needs every tactical help they can get.

Practical analysis and advice from experienced fencing coach Robin Catling proves that any fencer of any stature can win at epee.


The Art of Foil Fencing

Roy Stocks, edited by Robin Catling

Roy Stocks’ passion for modern sports fencing came to dominate his life, first as a competitor and later as a coach. As a late-comer to both, Roy lamented the lack of clear, concise, up-to-date books and drafted this manual to try to de-mystify a challenging technical sport.

Re-edited and updated, this edition builds on the basic techniques to consider their application and tactical use in one of the fastest and most demanding of combat sports.