Top Drawer Covers

Top Drawer coversContinuing our obsession with cover design, here’s another small handful of books with absolutely top drawer covers.

The Galileo Project coverAnother of Si Rosser’s techno-thrillers, this one scores a perfect ten. The Galileo Project hits all the genre beats for image, font, layout, eye-catching design and a strong tease of mystery in both  the image and the fantastic title. Best of all his current covers, you would definitely pick this up to read the book-blurb if this is your thing.

Last Girls Alive coverJennifer Chase’s Last Girls Alive is deceptively simple but stands alongside anything Steig Larson or Thomas Harris’ publishers release. A dramatic mystery thriller cover that perfectly places some leaves, a locket and well-chosen, balanced text that leaves no doubt of the genre.

Endemic coverD.M. Taylor’s Endemic similarly hits all the beats to make the subtitle “A Time Travel Thriller” almost unnecessary. With a witty use of the clock hands in the typography, it both fits in and stands out amongst the competition.

Death and a crocodile coverLastly, Lisa E. Betz’s Death and a Crocodile goes for a single key image, simple typography and a unifying background for a classy cover. It doesn’t scream its genre, but it’s intriguing enough to pull it out and read the description.